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Project Description
WPF2DPhysics+ builds on the WPF 2D Physics Demo developed by Chris Cavanagh.

It will provide additional "coolness" by adding ability to remove, nudge, drag, rotate objects in the 2D scene.

Current version adds

1) Rotate Objects -- click the scroll wheel - scroll wheel will then rotate the object -- click again to stop rotation
2) Sound when bodies collide -- not very good at the moment
3) Explosion sound when a body is "clicked and removed" from the world
4) Fixes some bugs in the Newton wrapper -- GET procedures were not marshalling correctly

Previous versions implemented

1) LB Click to remove body
2) LB Click and Flick to move body
3) Expander for buttons
4) Controlling number of bodies dropped into the world
5) RB Click to Drag
6) Body glows on mouse entry

Goal for Next Version

1) Better sound


1) Platforms cannot be pushed or rotated

See the issue tracker for latest bug status.

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